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I believe this is my second time (ever) having Indian food, so I can't give much comparison in relation to authenticity.

That aside, it was really delicious! The overall flavor (herbs) and the chicken were savory. Different for me, but I really enjoyed it.

I went the safe route and got Medium, as I know Indian food tends to range higher on the spiciness scale. I found the medium quite enjoyable, wasn't as nearly as spicy as I expected, but it was complimentary to the overall Murg Tikka Masala. If you're a big fan of spiciness and can handle it, I'd recommend going one more up. If you're not much of one but feeling adventurous, I'd go with Medium.

Driver was professional, polite, and on time!

Definitely order from here again and go one more up on the spicy scale.


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This is my first order ever from this restaurant and first impressions go a long way, so here is my first impression of this restaurant. Delivery was a little early, which is good, order was correct and the food is wonderfully good. The chicken korma I ordered was spicy and very flavorful, chicken tikka masala was also ordered spicy, but still flavorful, lamb mango was ordered regular, very flavorful with a touch of sweetness that helps make this dish savory. I also like the mango lassi and the mango chutney. For dessert I ordered ras malai, which is cheese kurd in yogurt, enough sweetness to it that it will satisfy your sweet tooth. I will definitely order from this restaurant again, especially when I have cravings for Indian food.


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GUYS, If you haven't had indian food you've got to at least try it. If you're wondering what to go for, try the Chicken Tiki Marsala (think i spelled it right.) I found it to be delicious. Also grab some Garlic Naan (flat bread with garlic) to go with it. It comes with diced garlic and some sauces on the side. There's a green sauce that is absolutely delicious. It's like a cilantro based vinaigrette sauce, its awesome and goes great with the Naan and even rice. Super fresh, great taste, only down side is you smell like curry for a bit haha.

Good Stuff. Thumbs up.


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The food was delicious as always! just a heads up, I don't believe the delivery boy speaks English (at least comfortably), as all of our communicating was him pointing at my order sheet, and though there was a slight misunderstanding with my address, they never called to ask for help. But the food arrived still warm, and though there wasn't much talking going on, he was polite and allowed me to finish taking care of my customers instead of just dropping off my food and leaving. Will 100% recommend this place to everyone!


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I was hungry, so I got a lot:
Lamb Tikka Masala - Delicious. They have several tikka masala dishes and I suspect they are all delicious because the sauce was absolutely perfect.
Lamb samosas - one of the best samosas I've ever had.
Popadum - delicious and crispy, served with two chutneys.
Fried paneer - (I don't remember the name) these things were great. I'd never had paneer served like that, but they were great.
Bonus - gulabs!! They weren't there best I've ever had, but they were a nice bonus I wasn't expecting!

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I grew up in a town that was going to have Its name changed to Little India (Hicksville, NY) on Long Island. So Ive been eating Indian for 25 years. This is the best Ive had since Ive been San Diego for a year now. Ive ordered 2 dozen times and the only mistake Ive had was on 1 dish (wrong level spiciness). Other than that the paneer masala is unreal and they actually put a ton of onion in the kulchas. Im amazed about people that complain their hot bread was soggy (physics!). And theyve consistently delivered fast enough that Im like, that wasnt a long time.


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First time using seamless! Our food got delivered within 30 mins they said it would be an hour. Very fast! Food was fresh! It didn't have utensils but it's ok. The place was about 15 min drive away.


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Exactly what I had hoped for. Just delicious. Spicy, as I had requested, without being an unnatural shade of red. Thank you so much, you have no idea how much I needed that.


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Ordered twice, both times food was very good and delivery on time or better. A bit pricey but seems standard for San Diego.


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Expensive as it is its super yummy and worth the price

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